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Uttarakhand : The second dose of COVID vaccination will now be run every Monday

Dehradun : A great campaign will now be launched to achieve the target of the second dose of  COVID vaccination. This campaign will be conducted every Monday, under which all the vaccination centers of the district will be vaccinated. Under this campaign, four such vaccination centers are being set up in the district, in which the facility of vaccination will be available to the working beneficiaries. At the same time, those who work in the office from 10 am to 5 pm can get vaccinated at these centers before 10 am and even after 5 pm.

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Manoj Upreti has appealed to the beneficiaries to apply the second dose of the vaccine at the appointed time to get complete protection from the COVID vaccine. He says that the target of the second dose will be achieved through the Maha Abhiyan. Along with this, working people will also be able to get vaccinated easily through extended sites.
Vaccination Center for Working Persons
7 am to 10 am-
1. Bizzi Mandi Vaccination Centre, Dehradun
2. Sabzi Mandi Vaccination Centre, Rishikesh
From 5 pm to 10 pm-
1. Ghantaghar Immunization Centre, Dehradun
2. Triveni Ghat Vaccination Centre, Rishikesh