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Diversity should be seen as a source of strength : UN chief

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has said that diversity should be seen as a source of strength rather than a threat. In an open Security Council debate on diversity, Guterres said diversity should not be seen as a threat to countries emerging from the horrors of conflict and indeed to all countries in search of a better future. It is a source of strength.
He said that diversity should be seen as a sign of peace and stability and as a rallying point for each individual to contribute to a better future for himself and for his society.

The long-standing grievances, inequalities, mistrust and social divisions fight stops, it doesn’t end, he said. They could get worse if change-hungry people and groups do not address their needs and vision for the future.

To promote inclusion in the process of rebuilding communities and maintaining peace, Guterres emphasized certain areas for action.

First, national institutions and laws must work for all people.

It means protecting and promoting human rights, including people’s rights to health, education, security and opportunity. This means enforcing policies and laws that protect vulnerable groups, including laws against discrimination based on race, ethnicity, age, sex, religion, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity. This means working with all partners to develop a strong national capacity that can serve all people equally.
Second, countries should explore ensuring a greater voice for the sub-national regions.

He said that governments should find ways to bring people forward together through constant dialogue.