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German companies will demand stronger climate action from the next government

70 German companies, including Aldi, Bayer, Ikea, Telekom and Wattenfall, have demanded in a joint statement that the next government should lead the country on a clear and credible path to climate neutrality. The companies were quoted as saying that the new policy framework will need to make climate-friendly technologies affordable while supporting sustainable business models and offering long-term plan protections.

The decade of climate action has begun, said Michael Otto, president of the 2nd Degree Foundation, an initiative of German entrepreneurs for climate protection and chairman of the board of the Otto Group.

According to the released statement, by 2030, at least 70 percent of Germany’s growing electricity consumption should come from renewable energy sources. To achieve this, the installed capacity of onshore and offshore wind power and photovoltaics would have to be nearly tripled.

Companies can act as a catalyst for building a renewable energy system, the statement said. To achieve this, the conditions for the implementation of critical technical solutions should be made more attractive and simplified.
Proposed technical solutions include internal generation and use of renewable electricity. efficient production and use of heating and cooling based on renewable energy and industrial waste heat; Also, hydrogen generated from renewable sources should be produced and used.