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UE Asteroid turned towards Earth after 17 years, scientists warn of danger

Many asteroids moving in space remain a constant threat to the Earth. After about 17 years, the asteroid named 2004 UE has turned its direction towards Earth. According to space scientists, this asteroid of about 1246 feet in diameter will pass near the Earth on November 13.

It will be only 2.6 lakh kilometers away from Earth. Apart from this, a much smaller asteroid 2021 UA1 has also been discovered recently. It has also reached very close to the Earth. According to Dr. Virendra Yadav, Public Outreach Program in-charge of Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Science, Nainital, this asteroid was discovered in 2004.

Space scientists were constantly keeping an eye on them. In the coming days, there are many more asteroids that will remain close to Earth. Many have been placed by NASA in the category of dangerous asteroids. Asteroids are freely moving rocks in space. It can range from small stones to thousands of meters in diameter. If a large-sized asteroid collides with the Earth, it can destroy life on Earth.