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If you did not drive your bike or car, still be ready to face punishment!

If you also have a vehicle then you should be very careful. This is very important news for those who have a motorcycle, activa, car. In fact, your challan of Rs 25000, 3 years in jail and registration of your vehicle can be canceled and a case can be registered against the minor under the Juvenile Act. We are saying this because if the traffic police catches a minor while driving your vehicle, then this action will be taken against you even if you do not drive your vehicle. We have seen many times that a minor child goes out to drive in the house with an elder’s scooty, motorcycle. The elders of the house do not stop him many times from doing this. Not doing so can cost you a lot. By this you are putting the children and the people walking on the road at risk. Be sure to follow the traffic rules before any major damage occurs.

Invoices worth thousands of rupees are being cut daily in Delhi

Traffic police in Delhi is present on the roads in large numbers and challans are being issued to those who break the rules in large numbers. Delhi Traffic Police has issued challans for applying black film on the windows of the vehicle, not using the belt on the rear seat, driving under the minor and most of all for driving in the wrong direction. Giving information, Delhi Traffic Police said that action has been taken against 332 rule breakers, including 41 challans for applying black film on the vehicle’s windows, 60 challans for not wearing a belt on the back seat, 01 for minor driving. While taking action against challans and most of them driving in the wrong direction, challans of 230 people have been deducted.

How to know whether invoice has been deducted or not

Go to website. Select the option of Check Challan Status. You will get the option of Challan Number, Vehicle Number and Driving License Number (DL). Select the option of Vehicle Number. Fill the required information asked and click on ‘Get Detail’. Now the challan status will appear.

How to fill traffic challan online

Go to Fill the required details and captcha related to the challan and click on Get Details. A new page will open on which the details of the challan will be displayed. Find the challan you want to pay. Along with the challan, the option of online payment will appear, click on it. Fill in the payment related information. Confirm payment. Now your online challan has been filled.