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150 pilgrims from Pakistan to attend the Urs of Piran Kaliyar… Pakistan will take Gangajal

Roorkee: The 754th annual Urs of Piran Kaliyar is going on. A batch of Pakistani pilgrims has reached Roorkee to attend the Urs. 150 Pakistan Zareen reached Roorke railway station by Lahori Express train. After landing at the railway station, all the pilgrims were warmly welcomed with flower garlands. Amidst heavy security, Pakistani pilgrims were sent to Piran Kaliyar by sitting in different buses.

150 Pakistani Zareen reached Roorkee

Pakistani Zareen Piran, who came to Roorkee, will stay at Kaliyar’s Sabri Guest House. This time 150 Pakistani pilgrims have come to attend the Urs. Pakistani Zareen will attend the 754th annual Urs of Dargah Sabir Pakistan. Every year the Zareen Piran Kaliyar, the eminent person of Hazrat Makhdoom Ali Ahmed Sabri, reaches Kaliyar. Pakistani pilgrims will stay in Urs for about a week. One week the Lahori Express will leave for Pakistan by train itself.

Pakistani Zareen will take Gangajal

The convener of the Urs Organizing Committee and international poet Afzal Mangalori told that this time on October 10, in a program in Piran Kaliyar, the leader of the Pakistani batch was given to the Holy Gangajal MP of Haridwar for Lahore Guru Mandir and Lahore Shiv Mandir, Dr. Kalpana Saini, former minister. Presented by Swami Yatheeswaranand Maharaj. Also the Tabruk (Prasad) of Dargah Sabir Pak will be presented by Waqf Board President Shadab Shams.

The Pakistani embassy officer also came with the pilgrims.

An official of the Pakistani Embassy in Delhi is also present to assist the Pakistani batch. Pakistani batch has reached Roorkee by Lahori Express. Here the administrative officers reached Kaliyar with the pilgrims in buses. Arrangements have been made for the stay of all the pilgrims at Sabri Guest House.

Pakistani pilgrims come every year for Urs

Every year from Pakistan Hazrat Makhdoom Ali Ahmed Sabri’s faithful Zareen Kaliyar comes. This process has been going on duly since independence. Pakistani travelers first attend the Dargah of Baba Faridganj Shakar, located in Pak Pattan. After that leave for Kaliyar. Pakistani pilgrims always come by Lahori Express which is running before the partition of the country. On reaching Kaliyar, Pakistani pilgrims presented Nazrana-e-Aqeedat on Astana-e-Sabir. This group will stay in Kaliyar for about a week.

Pakistani Zareen staying at Sabri Guest House

On the spot, Roorkee CO Vivek Kumar told that 150 Pakistani pilgrims have reached Roorkee. After checking, they have been sent to Sabri Guest House in Piran Kaliyar after sitting in buses. He told that all preparations have been made in terms of security. Afzal Mangalori, the convener of the Urs Organizing Committee, said that there should be mutual harmony, brotherhood and peace in both the countries. At the same time, let us join in each other’s pain. This is the message of the shrines of these dargahs. He told that the purpose of the arrival of Pakistani pilgrims is that there should always be peace, peace and an end to terrorism in India and Pakistan.

On the other hand, according to Afzal Mangalori, the Indian Embassy in Islamabad has granted visas for Piran Kaliyar Urs to 166 passengers. Of these, 150 pilgrims have reached India. Afzal Mangalori told that after five years this group has come to India with the message of goodwill and world peace this time in the Urs/Mela.

These are special guests from Pakistan

In the year 2017, 153 pilgrims from Pakistan participated in the Urs/Mela. Afzal Mangalori told that the Diwan Saheb Ahmed Masood Faridi of Baba Farid Pakpattan, the biggest dargah of Pakistan, whose most verses are written in the holy book of Sikhs, Guru Granth Sahib, has also arrived in the group for the first time. Along with this, Sahibzada Mohammad Shafi from the Dargah Data Darbar of Lahore is also attending the batch. For the security and monitoring of the batch, orders have been given to the police administration and the intelligence department to take full vigilance.

Here is Piran Kaliyar Dargah

Piran Kaliyar Dargah is located in Roorkee, Uttarakhand state of India. Urs is organized in Piran Kaliyar. The fair is organized in Piran Kaliyar village, situated at a distance of 25 km from Haridwar district headquarters on the banks of Upper Ganges canal near Roorkee. At this place is the dargah of Hazrat Makhdoom Alauddin Ahmed ‘Sabri’. This place is the thread of unity between Hindus and Muslims. Here Hindus and Muslims make a vow and offer chadar. There is proper arrangement of accommodation for the pilgrims/devotees coming from the country/abroad by the Dargah Committee at the fair site. Good arrangements for food and drink are available outside the dargah.

Urs of Piran Kaliyar is special

Urs is organized every year at Piran Kaliyar in Roorkee. The tradition of Urs is more than seven hundred years old. On this occasion lakhs of pilgrims (devotees) come here from all over the country and abroad. Traditional Sufiana Kalam and Qawwalis are a special attraction here during Urs. Funds are also provided by Uttarakhand Tourism for organizing the annual Urs fair.