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Indian-origin Home Minister Suella said in UK – Indians stay in Britain even after visa expires

The Indian-origin British Home Minister Suella Braverman’s statement on Migration and Mobility Partnership (MMP) has been answered by India. A statement has been issued on behalf of the Indian High Commission, in which it has been said that the Government of India is committed to working with the UK and helping to repatriate its citizens staying in the UK for more than the visa period. Will do

Suella Braverman raised questions
Britain’s Home Secretary Suella Braverman had said that India is not doing well in the ‘Migration and Mobility Partnership’ (MMP) and said that it is taking action on all the matters raised by Britain. Subsequently, in response to Braverman’s interview to The Specter, the Indian High Commission said that India awaits “concrete progress” on some of the promises made by the British government under the MMP signed last year.

In this interview, Braverman had said that the largest number of Indians stay in the UK even after their visa period expires. He had said that this could increase the crowd of Indians in Britain.

Answer given by India
A statement issued by the Indian High Commission said, “As part of the detailed discussions under the MMA, the Government of India is committed to working closely with the Government of the United Kingdom, and work on the return of people staying there after the expiry of their visas.” Will be done. According to this statement, “According to the data shown by the Home Department, action has been initiated in all the cases sent to the High Commission. Apart from this, Britain has also asked to fulfill some promises under MMA, on which we are waiting to take concrete steps.