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Madhya Pradesh / Narmadapur : The young man had come to pick up his wife, the in-laws wore a garland of slippers, took out a procession while playing the DJ with cow dung on his face.

In Narmadapuram district of Madhya Pradesh, a son-in-law was welcomed by the in-laws in such a way that hardly anyone would have seen or heard anywhere. Whoever saw this was left watching. Here the son-in-law was first half naked. After this, cow dung was wrapped over the head and mouth. Then wearing him a garland of shoes took out a procession on the DJ in the whole village. Also, he was beaten up all the way. From small children to elders, they cleaned their hands during this time.

It was just the son-in-law’s mistake

Actually, this case is of Tangana village of Makhannagar area of ​​Narmadapuram district. Where on Tuesday night, a young man named Vivek had reached his in-laws’ house to pick up his wife. The son-in-law’s mistake was that he insisted on taking his wife with him even after the in-laws refused. He got into an argument on just this matter. After this, the father-in-law and brother-in-law took off the clothes and beat her fiercely. Then together with the whole village, he was treated like this.

Son-in-law told the whole story by complaining to the police

After this shameful incident, the young man lodged a complaint with the police station against his in-laws and the entire village. Vivek told the police that first he abused, after that tied his hands and took off his clothes. Then cow dung was applied on the head and face. Apart from the father-in-law, the relative sarpanch and some people of the village beat him up. After this, he was garlanded with shoes and slippers. The DJ was called and took out a procession in the village. During this, her in-laws kept beating her with sticks. ASI, MS Bhatti, who is probing the case, said that after the complaint of the youth, a case has been registered, the police say that the matter is being investigated, soon the accused will be arrested.

Wife doing nursing training refused to live together

Please inform that the victim youth is originally from Sendharwada village of Narmadapuram district. He was married to Suman of Tangana village on 8 December 2021. Since marriage, his wife is doing nursing training. Meanwhile, due to the cancellation of the recognition of the Nursing College, she went to her maternal home. Then he refused to return. Even after this, he reached his in-laws’ house on Tuesday night to pick up his wife. So the in-laws refused to send the wife. He alleged that you beat up our daughter, demand dowry, so now our daughter will not go with you. Just on seeing, the matter reached till the fight.