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Mother became a victim of 11 lakh fraud, son did an accident in Canada, someone had given news on phone

In Canada, 11 lakh 30 thousand were cheated from the woman by saying that the son arrested in the accident case would be released. After this, seeing the brother online, the sister asked about the accident, then he said that he is sleeping in the house and no accident has happened. On realizing that the woman was cheated, Sector 27 resident Gajinder Singh Dhillon complained about the matter to the cyber cell. Cyber ​​cell registered a case against unknown on the complaint of Gajinder Singh.

Gajinder Singh Dhillon, a resident of Sector-27, told the police that son Jaideep Singh lives in Canada. His wife got a WhatsApp call on the mobile and the caller said that Jaideep Singh has done an accident, in which a young man has died. Due to this the police arrested Jaideep. He needs money to get him released from the police.

If the brother was asked, the accident did not happen
Cheating of lakhs: The caller gave a number and asked the woman to transfer the money to the Google Pay account linked to him. After this, the woman who was deceived paid Rs 11 and a half lakh on Google. After this the woman informed the matter to the daughter. When the daughter looked in the phone, brother Jaideep was online. When he messaged his brother and asked about the accident, he said that he is sleeping and no accident has happened to him. Realizing the fraud, the matter was reported to the police.