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Next 3 months are heavy for India! Baba Venga had predicted, know what he had said?

Baba Vanga of Bulgaria had made many predictions for the world years ago, in which she also made a prediction about India. According to Baba Venga, a famine-like situation may arise in India in the year 2022. Now this year less than 3 months are left for this prediction of Baba Venga to come true. Please tell that Baba Venga had made many predictions for this year, out of which 2 have come true so far.

What is the reason behind starvation in India?

Baba Venga had predicted starvation in the year 2022. According to the prediction, in the year 2022, there will be a fall in the temperature around the world and its effect will also be seen on India. After the decrease in temperature, the outbreak of locusts will increase and the swarm of locusts will cause heavy damage to crops in India. Because of this, a famine-like situation can arise in the country and there can be a situation of starvation.

So far in the year 2022, 2 predictions have come true

According to the report of The Sun, Baba Vanga had made a total of 6 predictions for the year 2022 and so far 2 of these predictions have almost come true. Baba Vanga had predicted floods in some Asian countries apart from Australia, and after the rains in Australia, the situation has become like a flood, while the situation in Pakistan was also worsened by the recent floods. Apart from this, the prediction of water scarcity in many cities has also proved to be true.

Now the eyes of the world are on this 4 predictions

Apart from floods in Australia and water scarcity in some countries, Baba Vanga had predicted a new deadly virus from Siberia in the year 2022 (Baba Venga Predictions for 2022). After the corona virus, there is a fear among the people about the new virus. Apart from this, Baba Venga also predicted alien attack, locust invasion and increase in virtual reality.