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Uttarakhand : Tourism Minister summons list of hotels, resorts and home stays, instructions given to the secretary for investigation

After the Ankita murder case, the government is now taking constant vigilance regarding hotels, resorts and home stays operated across the state.

In this episode, Tourism Minister Satpal Maharaj has called for a list of all hotels, resorts and homestays in the state. Along with this, Departmental Secretary Sachin Kurve has been instructed to conduct a thorough investigation of such establishments operating illegally without registration with whose permission.

In-depth investigation of hotels, resorts and home stays
Cabinet Minister Maharaj said that in view of that incidents like Vanantara Resort do not recur, in view of this, after thorough investigation of hotels, resorts and homestays, instructions have been given to keep a close watch on the activities taking place there along with their registration.

Instructions for strict action against such elements
According to Maharaj, it has come to his notice that some unwanted elements coming to hotels, resorts and homestays situated on the banks of rivers consume meat and liquor while sitting on the banks of the river. Instructions have also been given to Secretary Tourism for strict action against such elements.

Instructions to keep a constant watch by preparing the list immediately
He said that the police is taking action against those hotels, resorts and homestays which are operating illegally. In order that incidents like Vanantara do not recur, it is necessary that along with preparing a list of all the hotels, resorts, homestays running legally and illegally, they should be monitored equally.