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Uttarakhand : Wife remained oblivious, husband got him signed on divorce paper

A shocking case has come to light in the city. Here a husband, taking advantage of the simplicity and straightforwardness of his wife, easily got the divorce papers signed (Husband took divorce taking advantage of simplicity of wife). The family court issued the summons and received it itself. Thereafter, the court granted unilateral divorce. The wife did not get the news of her divorce from her husband, and when she came to know about it for a few days, the ground slipped under her feet.

Appeal in family court

When the wife came to know about her divorce from her husband, she told her ordeal in the family court. Thereafter the court withdrew its order. On this, the husband challenged the order in the High Court, from there, imposing a fine of one lakh on the husband, an order was passed to give 50 thousand to the wife and deposit 50 thousand to the Legal Services Authority.

High Court imposed a fine of one lakh

Mahendra Prasad Dwivedi, a resident of Manpur village in Kotdwar tehsil of Pauri Garhwal district, managed to get a divorce decree from his wife Lajja Devi from the family court, while the wife lived with him. But she was unaware of this incident. On September 27, a division bench of Chief Justice of the High Court Justice Vipin Sanghi and Justice Ramesh Chandra Khulbe, while hearing a petition challenging the order passed by the lower court of the husband, said that marriage is “sacred among Hindus”. The husband had seriously undermined the institution of marriage. An order was passed to impose a fine of Rs 1 lakh on the petitioner. The court said that the wife will have to deposit Rs 50,000 and the rest in the State Legal Services Authority.

The couple has three sons

Mahendra Prasad Dwivedi married Lajja Devi in ​​1996. In the meantime they had three sons. While living together as husband and wife, in 2013, Mahendra filed a divorce petition on the ground of cruelty in the family court of Kotdwar. The summons was served during the hearing, in which he himself had shown the acknowledgment of the summons. When the wife did not appear for the proceedings, on October 30, 2021, the family court passed a decree of unilateral divorce. On this, the wife made an application in the family court on May 23, 2022, demanding the cancellation of the decree of divorce. The wife said that Mahendra is having a relationship with another woman.