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Uttarakhand : With the promise of Kedar Baba, I will take strict action against those who disturb the recruitment – CM Dhami

Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami said that due to irregularities in the recruitment, the future of the deserving students has been affected. Therefore, I swear by Kedarbaba that I will take strict action against those who cheat in recruitment examinations. Whoever’s name came up in the investigation so far, has been sent to jail. Our action will continue till the last accused is caught. On Saturday, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh had reached Rudraprayag in Dhami district under the migration program. On this occasion, he said these things about the copying case in the recruitments. Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami said that Uttarakhand Subordinate Services Selection Commission was constituted for Group C examinations in the year 2014-15. Since then there have been scams and scams, but the investigation has never happened.

I have taken Baba Kedar’s oath

CM Pushkar Singh Dhami said that when there are disturbances in the recruitment, I have taken the oath of Baba Kedar that I will take strict action against the erring people. These disturbances are canker for Uttarakhand. We have promising youth who have merit. A promising student wants to progress on the strength of his education. The copying mafia has done the work of blocking the path of these promising students. That’s why we have taken strict action. So far 41 people have been arrested. This action will continue till the last accused is caught. Such incidents should not be repeated.

Investigating agencies are doing their job. No one guilty of killing the rights of the youth of Uttarakhand will be spared. The government is ensuring that all future recruitment examinations are clean and transparent. Today’s action is an example that in future no one can dare to falsify these examinations.

Pushkar Singh Dhami, Chief Minister, Uttarakhand

Dhami’s strong attack on recruitment scams

In Uttarakhand, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami has given political signals by hitting hard on the cases of rigging in the recruitment examinations related to the future of youth. By taking tough decisions one after the other, he has made it clear that the culprits will not be spared, irrespective of the tenure of the wrongdoing. Even though the case of fraud in the recruitment to the posts of VPDO, which took place seven years ago through the Uttarakhand Subordinate Services Selection Commission, is not of his tenure, but this is the first time when a major action has been taken against the three officers associated with the recruitment. Chief Minister Dhami has also given a befitting reply to the opposition taking an attacking stand against the government with a master stroke. In Uttarakhand, which is going to complete 22 years of its establishment, all the recruitments that have taken place since the formation of the state, they have not remained undisputed. Fingers have been rising about these and political parties have been baking their political bread on this. If we look at the recruitment scams, in the year 2002, during the tenure of the first elected government of the state, the Patwari recruitment scam came to the fore. After this, the recruitments made in other departments including constable and sub-inspector in the police also did not stay away from the shadow of controversies. Governments got the examinations conducted by different agencies according to their own.

The Subordinate Services Selection Commission was formed in the year 2014 with the objective of making the recruitment process transparent, but the condition of 89 examinations conducted by it remained the same as before. Although formality of investigation was done in these, but nothing happened in the name of action. Meanwhile, the current Dhami government took a tough stand when the paper leak case of the commission’s graduate recruitment examination came to the fore. The SIT is probing it and more than three dozen arrests have been made so far. Cases have also been registered in the recruitment of Inspector.

Played master stroke by taking big decision

Now the Chief Minister has played a master stroke in the 2016 VPDO recruitment case by taking a big decision. This recruitment is not of his tenure, but for the first time in the history of the state, major action has been taken in any recruitment scam. Through this, the Chief Minister has given a message that no matter how influential the guilty is in the recruitment cases, he will definitely be shown his place. In the light of recruitment cases, the tenure of BJP and Congress is mixed. Now the way Chief Minister Dhami has started a strong attack on these cases, his stature has also increased. In view of the fairness and transparency in the recruitment examinations, the Chief Minister has also tried to make it clear that he will bring these cases to the end. If this happens then the recruitment process will improve, there is no doubt about it.