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Uttar Pradesh : Court acquitted Chand Mohammad, sentenced him for 5 years as a terrorist, Chand said – always taunted

Chand Mohammad was acquitted by the Bareilly Court after spending 5 years as a terrorist in a jail in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. Regarding the maps written against Chand, the Literature Police had shown the court as evidence, the court found that Chand Mohammad could not read and write but he was illiterate. Now the police have dismissed the claims and acquitted them. If Chand Mohammad is to be believed, he will die with the tag of a terrorist and this is what haunts him every day. With this terrorist label, he never got a job, nor did his relatives or neighbors see him in the right eyes. He was always taunted.

Detained as terrorist

According to the information, in 2009, the officials of Prem Nagar police station of Bareilly city conducted raids to nab the gamblers near the Qila river. On seeing the police here, three people had died after jumping into the river. Chand was the only witness in this case against the police. In such a situation, Chand was called to the police station before this and was taken into custody as a terrorist. Chand was accompanied by an 11-year-old girl who was his friend’s daughter. He was also taken into custody and allegedly tortured.

Passed in Narco Test

On 13 October 2009, Chand was taken into custody by the police and Chand was said to be a terrorist. It was told that he was preparing to make a minor girl a terrorist. It was even said that he was trained in terrorist camps. Although later the narco test of Chand and the minor girl was also done in Surat, Gujarat, but nothing came out. Chand repeatedly said that he is innocent and loyal to the country, but no one listened to him.

‘Tired of saying – shoot me’

According to Chand, when the officers arrested me, the claim was that I am a terrorist and wanted in India and America. Also the junk left by the manjha makers was shown as material for making bombs. I was also tortured for several days. Tired of the humiliation and pain, he even asked the police to shoot him.

Uttarakhand CM accused of conspiracy to attack

Chand Mohammad was accused of being associated with the terrorist organization Huji. It was also said to seize pistol cartridges and ID from it. It was even said that in his ID it was written ‘The war against Osama bin Laden Zindabad and anti-Islamic governments will continue’. It was alleged that Chand Mohammad was conspiring to blow up Trishul Airways and Bareilly Central Jail in Bareilly and the map of Rampur CRPF camp has also been recovered from him and apart from this he was also plotting to attack the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand.