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Concern increased after the introduction of new sub-variant of Omicron, guidelines issued for wearing masks

The concern of the health department has increased after the emergence of a new and highly contagious sub-variant of the Omicron variant of the corona virus. Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya held a meeting with senior health officials on Tuesday to consider the changing situation. Sources said that it was decided in the meeting that wearing of masks and corona-appropriate behavior would continue in the country.

Recommendation for increasing surveillance and genome sequencing
In a statement issued by the Ministry of Health, it has been said that scientists, doctors and senior officials have also recommended to increase surveillance and genome sequencing. The meeting was attended by Ajay Kumar Sood, Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government, S Aparna, Secretary (Pharmaceuticals), Dr. Rajiv Behl, Director General, ACMR, VK Pal, Member (Health) of NITI Aayog, NK Arora, Chairman of the Working Group on Corona (NTAGI) and Health Sector. Other senior officials associated with the same were present. Mandaviya emphasized on increased surveillance and adequate amount of testing at all entry points. In the investigation also asked to do more RT-PCR. He asked officials to increase surveillance in sensitive areas. Let us tell you that the case of Omicron’s sub-variant BF.7 has come to light in Gujarat. All these variants are said to be highly contagious. However, scientists also say that not much data has been found about it yet.

Corona explosion in Singapore due to new variant
Earlier, cases of BA.2.3.20 and BQ.1 variants of Omicron have been reported in Maharashtra. Cases of Omicron’s XBB sub variant have also been found in Maharashtra. Its cases have also been found in Kerala. Due to all these variants, an increase of 17.7 percent has been registered in the cases of corona virus in Maharashtra this week as compared to last week. XBB is a combination of Omicron’s BJ.1 and BA.2.75 which spreads very quickly. Due to this variant, there was an explosion in corona cases in Singapore recently. Recently in the US, the BQ.1 variant has been found in 60 percent of corona cases.