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Uttar Pradesh / Moradabad : Girlfriend reached the door of the lover, said – I will not be able to live without you! Angry villagers dragged on the road

Song from the movie Sadak – Jab Jab Pyaar Par Pehre Hua Hai Pyaar Aur Deepak Hua Hai. Yes, a similar case has come up from Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh. Here two years ago, a girl who gave her heart to a neighbor was guarded by the panchayat from meeting, then the dam of her patience broke. Then she reached the lover’s house to meet her, but the villagers did not like it. He grabbed the girl’s hands and feet and dragged her out of the young man’s house. Chaljat police is looking for the accused.

Video viral on social media

For two days, a video of Chhajlat police station area is in the headlines on social media. The viral video is being told of Sarai Khajur village. Those who made the video viral claim that the girl is seen in the footage, who fell in love with a young man from the neighborhood two years ago. Since then the loving couple has been in an intimate relationship with each other. The villagers got the idea first. Then the matter of love affair reached both the families. As soon as the love became common, the girl told the family that she wanted to get married with her lover. Panchayat was called on the consent of both the families. The panchayat rejected the demand of the girl to give the incident of love affair the form of marriage. The Panchayat called for the respect of the village. The decision of the Panchayat became a stone line for both the families and the love of the loving couple was guarded by the villagers and family members. Troubled by the guard of love, the dam of patience of the girl broke suddenly on Friday. The rebel girl crossed the threshold of the house and reached the door of her lover. First, the girl pleaded with her lover’s parents by holding her feet. Said, she will not be able to live without a lover. The girl demanded to give the relationship of love a form of marriage. Even the lover’s father and mother were called their father and mother. But the heart of the villagers did not sweat. He was dragged out of the young man’s house by grabbing the girl’s hands and feet. Then holding hands and feet, the girl was dragged into the streets of the village. In the meantime, someone made a video and made it viral on social media.

No Tahrir was found in the case: Police station in-charge Chhajalat

When the police station in-charge Chhajlait Deepak Kumar was talked about this incident going viral, he told that both the parties have been called to the police station. At present, no complaint has been received in this case.