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Uttarakhand / Dehradun : Doiwala robbery revealed, dacoits caught

Police disclosed the incident of robbery in Doiwala area, 04 accused involved in the incident arrested, vehicle used in the incident, weapons and looted cash recovered from the accused. Efforts are on to arrest the other accused involved in the incident.*

On 15/10/22, the plaintiff Shri Shishpal Agarwal son of Late Shri Puran Chand Agarwal resident of Gharat Road Gali Police Station Doiwala Dehradun was informed that at around 12.00 noon, 06 unidentified persons entered the plaintiff’s house, showing knife and pistol to the plaintiff’s wife. And while threatening to kill 02 maids working at the plaintiff’s house hostage in the room, jewelery and cash kept at home have been looted. On the above information, the police station Doiwala was registered with the FIR No. 371/2022 Section 395 Bhadvi Vs. Unknown 06 accused. The investigation of the registered case was taken over by Inspector-in-Charge Doiwala Rajesh Sah.

The information about the incident was immediately given to the higher officials. DIG Garhwal Range Sir and Senior Superintendent of Police Dehradun immediately reached the spot on receiving information about the above incident that happened near the population area in broad daylight and inspected the spot after taking detailed information about the incident. Forensic team, dog squad and SOG team were called on the spot and the process of collection of evidence was done. During the inspection and interrogation of the spot, it came to light that in this incident of dacoity, directly or indirectly, any such person was involved, who had full knowledge about the plaintiff’s house.

For the early unveiling of the said serious incident, major teams of policemen and other small teams were sent for the unveiling of the incident by giving necessary guidelines and tasking. When the police teams constituted confidentially collected information about the people who worked in the house in the past, it was learned that Kudkawala Doiwala, a resident of Mehboob Contractor, who had done the work of carpenter at the plaintiff’s house 02 years ago, was involved in the incident. He is missing since then and his phone is also continuously switched off. On this basis, considering the role of Mehboob Contractor as suspicious, the search for Mehboob was started by the police team. But Mehboob was not found at the house of any relative or acquaintance.

Based on the tireless, relentless efforts and hard work and accurate information of the police team, the accused Mehboob son Imran Ali Hall resident of Kudkawala police station Doiwala, resident of village Baseda, Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, was found to be the mastermind in the said incident. It also came to light that the accused Mehboob had done wood and POP work with his associates at the plaintiff’s house about two years ago and he was well aware of the circumstances of the plaintiff’s house. He also knew that the plaintiff stays in the shop during the day and comes home at 2 o’clock in the day for lunch, before that his wife stays alone at home.

Based on the information of the informer by the police team on 18.10.2022, the accused Mehboob was going to meet his lawyer in his car Swift Desire Car No. UK-07-DF-3352 in Sarwat Muzaffarnagar along with his 02 other associates Manavwar and Shamim. was arrested. The arrested accused themselves accepted to carry out the above incident and Mehboob told that I had done furniture and POP work at Shri Sheshpal Agrawal’s house and I was greedy in my mind after seeing his financial condition and fame of being rich in the society. had arrived. From that time I had a feeling of stealing / robbing them here and I had also gained their trust and started collecting other information about their family members and their relation. Then I, Shamim and Manavwar rake around their house and prepared a plan to rob / dacoity and I and Manavwar being the natives of Muzaffarnagar district, contacted the habitual criminals of Muzaffarnagar resident of Muzaffarnagar 1- Riyaz 2- Naved 3 -Meharban 4-Wasim 5-Tehseem Qureshi was included in the plan to commit the above incident/dacoity and the incident of dacoity was carried out on 15-10-22 under the prescribed plan by meeting him. On the day of the incident 1. Wasim 2. Tehseem 3. Naved 4. Riyaz and 5. Meherban Bawla entered the plaintiff’s house and I, Manawar and other remaining companions were monitoring the people coming and going outside the house around Lalaji’s house. And by intimidating Lalaji’s wife and 02 maids working in their house by showing weapons to the people who entered the house, they made a hostage in a room of their house and ran away by looting the cash and jewelery kept in the shelves and other places of their house. We went and after doing the incident, we separated from Doiwala and fled from the spot. The cash looted in the robbery kept in the above car was recovered from the above arrested accused from Swift DZire car No. UK-07-DF-3352 used in the incident.

During the interrogation of the arrested accused, it came to light that after committing the incident some of the accused fled in Eco sport car DL-08-CA-2169 belonging to accused Tehseem Qureshi and some later escaped in Swift car of accused Mehboob. Later, accused Tehseem was arrested by the police from near Swarupnagar outpost on Delhi-Baghpat highway at 01.35 pm. During interrogation by the accused, it was told that in the said incident Khatauli resident of Tauqeer, Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh was also with him. In the arrest, Rs 03 lakh 03 thousand in cash, one pistol 32 bore and 2 live cartridges and eco sports car involved in the robbery were recovered from the accused.

Details of the arrested accused :-

01- Mehboob son Mr. Imran resident of village Baseda Chhapar Muzaffarnagar Hall resident of Kudkawala, Doiwala, age 40 years
02- Munavvar son Shri Noor Ali resident of Sarwat Hajipura Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, age 27 years
03- Shamim son Shri Indreesh resident of village Baseda Muzaffarnagar Hall resident Teliwala, Doiwala, Dehradun, age-30 years
04- Tehseem Qureshi son Wahid Qureshi resident of Mohalla Khail police station Kandhla, district Shamli, Uttar Pradesh, age 39 years.

Wanted accused :-

1- Riyaz Mulla
2- Naved Iqbal
3- Kinder Bawla
5- Tauqir

Details of the property recovered from the accused:-

1. 05 lakh 19 thousand 600 rupees in cash,
2. One gun 32 bore and 2 live cartridges
3. Car No. Swift Desire Car No: UK-07-DF-3352
4. Eco Sport Car DL-08-CA-2169
5. MoS No. UK-07-FE-6062 Bajaj Platina
6. Scooty Activa Without Number