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Uttar Pradesh / Prayagraj : Mausambi juice was given to dengue patient instead of plasma. Hospital sealed after patient’s death

A shocking case has come to light from Prayagraj in Uttar Pradesh. Amidst increasing cases of dengue, a hospital here has been accused of supplying juice of Mausambi fruit instead of blood plasma. A patient has died due to the transfusion. An inquiry was ordered into the matter. The hospital where this matter is related has now been sealed. After preliminary investigation, the Health Department took this action. This investigation was done by the team led by Dr AK Tiwari. The patients here have now been shifted to another hospital. The statement of Deputy CM Brajesh Pathak also came on the matter. He has directed to take strict action on this. A video related to this is also running on Twitter. In this video, the matter was told of Global Hospital in Jhalwa, Prayagraj. It is alleged that the patient admitted here was offered juice of Mausambi fruit instead of blood plasma, due to which he died. The patient died on 19 October. He was admitted there on 17 October.

The statement of IG Prayagraj Rakesh Singh had come on the matter. He said that investigation is being done to supply fake plasma to dengue patients. Some suspects have been detained in this case. The IG said that a few days ago a fake blood bank has also been busted. The IG further said that nothing can be said clearly on whether the thing supplied instead of plasma is the juice of Mosambi fruit or not.

The statement of UP Deputy CM Brajesh Pathak has also come on the matter. He said that a team along with CMO has been sent to the spot for investigation. Strict action will be taken on receipt of the report. Let us tell you that the number of dengue patients is increasing rapidly in Prayagraj. The number of dengue patients there has reached close to 500.