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Uttarakhand : Harish Rawat said – officials are not showing impartiality, are harming themselves

Former CM Harish Rawat said that all things have been placed before the District Magistrate and SSP. Officials are doing themselves a loss by not being impartial as they should be. Harish Rawat said that what should be understood that the police is working by taking a betel nut from someone. He told the police captain that the way the children of activists are being tortured, it should be stopped. Harish Rawat said that all the wrong cases registered from Udalhaidi to Laldhang should be removed from their criminal sections. Harish Rawat said that instead of incandescent, only incandescent currents should have been used, and not forcibly breaking the head. He said that if the police did not do the right thing duly by November 10, then the Congress would decide whether to sit on the DM and SSP office and police station or any highway.

He said that if the workers do not come to one place, then this administration will dominate the workers. He asked the workers to be ready to eat logs for five years. Harish Rawat said that if the Congressmen do not stand with each other, then the situation which has happened now, may become worse in the coming times. He said that till November 10, the administration does not give satisfactory results on this issue and if there is any mistake at one place then its result will be wrong. MLA Anupama Rawat, Jwalapur MLA Ravi Bahadur, MLA Furkan Ahmed, former municipal president Satpal Brahmachari, Ashok Sharma, Jaswant Chauhan, Rajbir Singh and other leaders were present during the talks.