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Uttar Pradesh : When they refused to cut the hubbub, the youths ran to the policemen-ran and beat him

In Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, some youths together beat up a jawan of Uttar Pradesh Police. The video of the incident was also recorded and it was also shared on social media. Four people were creating a ruckus in the Para police station area of ​​Lucknow. When a constable of UP Police reached there to rescue among these people, these people together beat him up. The video of this beating is becoming fiercely viral on social media. After the incident, the police retaliated and arrested one accused and the rest are absconding. In the Para area, 4 people on a bike were going on a ride making loud noises. At the same time, Dewan Shrikant in the UP Police stopped these people from doing this and said that do not create a ruckus and 4 people should not walk on one bike, the youth got angry and clashed with the soldier, in such a situation the soldier had to run away after saving his life. Despite this, these youths did not give up on the soldier and ran and beat him, during which someone made a video of him and shared it on social media.

Video tagged UP DGP on social media

Sharing this video of police beating on Twitter, a user named @MamtaTripathi80 wrote, ‘Lucknow police will only agree by chopping off the nose of khaki… @LkoCp sir get your officers paraded… . @dgpup sir such rocket? how to fly The people of the world’s biggest force are being beaten up with such public pebbles. The case of the Para police station is being told.

This user has also tagged this video @LkoCp and DGP of Uttar Pradesh.

Such comments came on social media

At the same time, in response to this video, a Twitter user named @vivekkumar84 wrote, ‘These four should be taught so much that they wake up to the knowledge of law and the ability to read the law! @Uppolice the knowledge that you did not get from home should open the way to learn etiquette?’ While another user named @ICTiwari wrote, ‘Those who raised their hands on the police are criminals, if the police made a mistake, they would have complained to the SSP.And Giving information to the government. The police would have been punished by taking departmental action. It is not proper to take law in hand. This will also increase the misunderstanding among the public.