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Madhya Pradesh / Indore : On the charge of theft, dragged two youths tied in a vegetable cart, brutally beaten up

A gruesome incident took place in Choithram vegetable market this morning. The farmers and hammals who came here first thrashed two youths fiercely and later dragged them with a loading vehicle loaded with vegetables, tying their feet with a rope. After some time when Mandi security staff got information about the incident, they reached the spot. In no time the police also arrived. The youth and the complainant were taken to the police station. The complainant said that these youths are pickpockets. These people had taken money out of their pockets and were caught red handed.

In Choithram Mandi of Indore, traders from the city and the adjoining districts also come to buy goods and farmers come to sell. Incidents of theft were coming to the fore here for several days, due to which the traders had also lodged many complaints at the Rajendra Nagar police station. This morning in the outer part of the market where loading vehicles are parked, in which the merchant keeps the goods purchased. There he took out money from the pocket of a businessman who came from Katkoot. Suddenly the businessman’s attention turned towards this and he caught the youths who were doing the act on the spot. On raising the noise, the Hammal and the traders, farmers standing nearby gathered there. At first he thrashed the youths fiercely. They were so angry that later tied the feet of both the youths with a rope used for loading. In anger, he was even dragged some distance.

The people present on seeing this incident were also scared. The ruckus happened so fast that the security personnel of Mandi reached the spot and immediately informed the police. In no time the police also arrived. The youths were made to sit in the car and the businessman whose pocket was cut was also brought to the Rajendra Nagar police station. At first the police was preparing to register a case against the youths on the report of the complainant, but later when the video went viral, now a case is being registered against those who acted. Here the police took the injured youths to a big hospital for treatment. The youth also suffered serious injuries on the head and back. A youth had also fainted during the incident. Mandi security officer Suresh Singh Thakur said that the youth was caught cutting pockets and they were also stealing vegetables from the vehicle.