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Accident during Halloween Festival in South Korea, 140 killed; more than 150 injured

A major accident has happened during the Halloween festival in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. At least 140 people are reported to have died and more than 150 were injured in the accident. The incident happened when Seoul was overcrowded during Halloween. This crowd was trying to get out of a narrow alley. Then there was a scuffle and a stampede ensued. After the accident, the President of South Korea issued a statement giving instructions for better treatment of the people.

Suddenly increased crowd
South Korea’s National Fire Agency official Choi Cheon-sik said the crowd suddenly increased on Saturday night in Itawon Lejer district. He said that around 150 people are feared to be injured. These people had a cardiac arrest problem on Sunday morning. Choi said that it is estimated that the crowd in the narrow alley near the Hamilton Hotel had increased significantly. After this, they started pushing and shoving to move forward. According to the local media, there was an announcement of the arrival of a celebrity. People started running in that direction only to see this unknown celebrity.

Emergency workers sent to the spot
According to officials, more than 400 emergency workers from across the country have been sent to the spot. All these people have been deployed for the treatment of the injured. However, the official death toll has not been released immediately. The video of the incident is going viral on social media. It is seen that all the people are lying in the streets and they are being given CPR. The police have also confirmed this. Along with this, many other people have been admitted to nearby hospitals.

President issued instructions
A local police officer said on condition of anonymity that he had received information that a stampede had broken out in the streets of Itewon. These people were gathered here to celebrate the Halloween festival. According to the officer, investigation is still going on to know the real cause of the incident. At the same time, President Yoon Suk Yeol issued a statement asking for better treatment of the authorities and security of the festival spots. Apart from this, he has asked the Health Ministry to deploy disaster medical assistance teams there.