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Madhya Pradesh / Bhopal : If the child did not have a child for 10 years, the mother defended the daughter-in-law and lodged an FIR against the son.

It is always said that a mother-in-law can never love her daughter-in-law more than her son. Nor can she give her the status of her daughter, but a woman in Bhopal has proved all these things wrong by supporting her daughter-in-law and proved that love relationships are more important than blood relations. A woman living in the Kolar area of ​​the city did not have a child even after 10 years of marriage. After not having a child for so many years, the woman’s husband started doubting her. When the mother-in-law protested against this, the boy got down on abusing his own mother. Disturbed by the behavior of the son, the elder reached the police station to file a complaint against him. On Thursday afternoon, the mother along with the daughter-in-law had reached the Kolar police station to file a complaint against the son.

Troubled by husband’s harassment, divorced

The mother complained to the police that even after 10 years of marriage, the daughter-in-law did not have any child. After getting the doctor examined, there was a deficiency in the son, but now he doubts the daughter-in-law. The elderly woman is 73 years old and has been in the police. The woman had divorced from her husband just some time ago after getting upset due to the excesses of her husband. The woman has three sons. The eldest son is dead. Whose children have been brought up by an elderly woman.

I want a good life for daughter-in-law

While complaining to the police, the mother said that I have come to file a case against my real son. The old man asked the tears flowing from his eyes and said that I want to see my daughter-in-law living a good life. My son doubts the daughter-in-law, but I have full faith in the daughter-in-law. The elderly mother-in-law said that my daughter-in-law does not have parents. He was adopted by a priest of Indore.

The daughter-in-law’s relation came from the priest’s side. I asked the daughter-in-law, then she said yes. Both of them used to work in the same hospital in Indore. Both got married in the year 2012. After a few years of marriage, quarrels started between the two. The daughter-in-law came to me in Bhopal for a few months. I also supported the daughter-in-law.

If I support daughter-in-law, she abuses me

The mother said that the son and daughter-in-law did not have children even after 10 years of marriage. After a lot of treatment, it came to know that the deficiency is not in the daughter-in-law but in the son. After which the son started taking out his anger on the daughter-in-law. He doubts the daughter-in-law. If I support him, then he abuses me too. The woman said whatever happens, I will not back down. I will support a daughter-in-law like my daughter. Do not get me divorced, because I want to keep the daughter-in-law with me, but I want to push my son out of the house. At the same time, the police has registered a case against the accused son on the complaint of the mother in this case. Police say that the whole matter is being investigated.