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Australian police looking for a person in India, will give 1 million dollars i.e. 5 crore rupees in reward to the person who tells

The Australian Police has placed a reward of one million dollars on an Indian man. That is, whoever will give the address of this person to the Australian Police, has announced a reward of 1 million Australian dollars (more than 5 crore rupees) to the person who finds the accused or tells about the accused. Police say that they hope that after the announcement of the reward, it will be easy to find the accused. One million dollars i.e. 5 crores will be found. The man is accused of escaping by murder in Australia itself.

What is the matter

In fact, in October 2018, an Australian girl is murdered on a seashore. The police recover the body and complete the legal process, when the suspicion of this murder goes to Rajwinder Singh, a man of Indian origin. Rajwinder used to work as a nurse in Australia. When the police search for him, he is not found. It is learned that he has fled Australia only two days after the murder.

Ran away leaving the children and wife

Rajwinder Singh’s wife and children are still in Australia. Whereas Rajwinder’s last location has been found in India. The police claim that they have found evidence of Rajwinder reaching India. Rajwinder is originally from Punjab.

Special team formed

The Australian Police has formed a special team to nab this accused. In which Hindi and Punjabi speaking police officers have been included. Deputy Commissioner of Police Tracy Lindford said that the detectives believe that Singh is in India. Three detectives from Queensland are already working with Indian authorities in India to investigate.

Highest reward

The award is the largest in the history of Queensland. Police Minister Mark Ryan has approved the bounty. The police believe that people know about Rajwinder where he is hiding, but are not telling. In the greed of money, maybe someone can give them clear information.