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Uttarakhand: Committee constituted to prepare Hindi syllabus of MBBS studies… report will be ready in 15 days

In the medical colleges of Uttarakhand, the work of preparing curriculum for MBBS students in Hindi has started. A committee has been constituted by the Medical Education Department for this. This committee will give a preliminary report to the government regarding the syllabus within 15 days. Earlier, Madhya Pradesh had become the first state where books were made available in Hindi for medical studies.

Medical college professor has been made a member of the committee

Health and Medical Education Minister Dr Dhan Singh Rawat had announced the education of MBBS students in Hindi. Under this, now its exercise has started in the state. For this a committee has been constituted under the chairmanship of Dr. MSM Rawat, Principal of Srinagar Medical College. In this committee constituted by Dr. Ashutosh Sayana, Director of Medical Education, Dr. SK Singh, Professor of Anatomy Department of Haldwani Medical College, Dr. Harishankar Pandey, Professor of Pathology Department of Haldwani Medical College and Dr. Daulat Singh, Professor of Radiotherapy Department of Doon Medical College. Member Secretary has been made.

Report will be ready in 15 days

The committee constituted by the Director of Medical Education Dr Ashutosh Sayana will give its preliminary report in 15 days. During this period, this committee will also visit Madhya Pradesh and study the Hindi syllabus of MBBS prepared by the Medical Education Department there.

Change work in a phased manner

Dr RP Bhatt, Director General of Health and Director of Medical Education, says that it is a big idea to do MBBS in Hindi. Except Russia, most of the countries are teaching doctors in English only. Patients can benefit from this step. But the work of research etc. on international labels may be affected. He said that this work can be done in a phased manner. Also, while preparing the curriculum, care has to be taken that language does not affect the ability of the new generation of doctors.

Medical Education Minister, Dr Dhan Singh Rawat said, the government is preparing curriculum for MBBS students to study in Hindi. For this the model of Madhya Pradesh will be adopted. A committee has been constituted in this regard.