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Bihar / Sheikhpura: DM got a call at 3 o’clock in the night: Huzur, my three buffaloes have been stolen, get it detected quickly… don’t trust the police!

A DM of Bihar was sleeping comfortably at his house when the mobile bell started ringing at three o’clock in the night. When the DM saw the unknown number, he ignored the phone. But immediately the second call came. When the DM received the phone, a voice came from there. Huzoor, my three buffaloes have been stolen, please find out quickly. Otherwise the thieves will leave. The incident is from Sheikhpura district of Bihar. The District Magistrate there is Sawan Kumar. He has made his number public among the common people. So that when there is something big, people can contact them. But when the complaint of buffalo theft came at three o’clock in the night, the District Magistrate was also surprised. He asked the caller to come and meet him at the Janata Darbar in the morning and put forth his complaint.

Police also open pole

The phone call to the DM also exposed the police in Sheikhpura. Three buffaloes of farmer Sanjay Yadav were stolen. He had earlier tried to inform the police itself. But when no one picked up the phone, he appealed to the DM. After morning, he reached the Janata Darbar on Friday and kept his complaint to the DM. Farmer Sanjay Yadav said that his buffaloes have been stolen and no action is expected from the police. If the buffalo is not found, then there will be disaster on the livelihood.

Farmer Sanjay Yadav is a resident of Dihkusumbha village of Sheikhpura. After listening to his complaint, the DM handed over the matter to the SDPO Kalyan Anand present in the public court and asked to take immediate action. On the instructions of the DM, the police has assured action.