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Swapping of friends of Gujarat without permission in Uttarakhand!

Uttarakhand Forest Department sent three elephants from Corbett Park to Gujarat without the permission of the central government. In return, four elephants from Gujarat were brought to Uttarakhand. The central government has canceled the process of swapping elephants. This matter is being told during the election code of conduct this year. The then Chief Wildlife Warden and presently the Special Secretary to the Chief Minister Dr. Parag Dhakate has confirmed this. According to him, the elephants were exchanged on the NOC of the Chief Wildlife Warden of both the states. But it did not get permission from the Centre. Why were elephants sent away without permission? On this question, he says that the exchange of elephants took place in anticipation of the permission of the Central Government and on the consent of the Chief Wildlife Wardens of both the states. But the Gujarat Forest Department and the Director of Corbett Park have been informed due to non-receipt of permission from the Centre.

Elephants brought for patrolling

According to forest department officials, the elephants kept in the elephant shelter of Corbett National Park were of small stature. There was a proposal from the Director of Corbett that an adult and large elephant was needed for patrolling. Elephants were exchanged on this proposal.

So will the elephants be back?

Now the director Corbett has been written to bring back the elephants if permission is not received from the Centre. The elephants have not yet been returned. Now the question is, will the elephants be back?

Permission is required from the center

Departmental sources say that the elephant is a creature of the schedule forest. To move it from one state to another, permission is needed from the Chief Wildlife Warden of both the states as well as the central government, but in this case it did not happen.

Who gave elephants in Gujarat?

Sources reveal that the elephants have been given to (ashram trust) in Gujarat. However, department official Dr. Parag Dhakate says that elephants have been sent to the rescue center in Gujarat.

The permission of the Center is needed to transport elephants from one state to another. I am in Delhi, there is no detailed information in this matter yet. Whatever is in it will be informed.

Samir Sinha, Chief Conservator of Forests Wildlife

If there is such a case then legal action will be taken in it.

Subodh Uniyal, Forest Minister