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Former legal advisor of Tihar Jail opened the secret, people want to come to Tihar Jail to remove the sufferings of life, pregnant women believe this

Tihar Jail is considered to be the largest jail in Asia. By the way, as soon as the name of the jail comes, these words come out that God should not show anyone on such a day that they have to go to jail. But there are some people who wish that they should get food from jail. Get jail water to drink. You must be thinking that who are these people who want to go to jail. but it’s true. People try every trick even for the bread and water of Tihar Jail. Sunil Gupta (Retired Legal Adviser, Tihar Jail) said that people have different types of superstitions. Due to this they feel that if they eat jail food, then the sufferings from life go away. Diseases are removed by the amulet made from the clay of the prison. Even if we get the wood of the hanging house of the jail, then it is very auspicious. That’s why a large number of people come to Tihar Jail to get food and drink from Tihar Haat and Emporia built inside.

People deliberately want to come to Tihar Jail

Sunil Gupta told that superstition is such that pregnant women want to get their delivery done here. Big officials also come that we have to eat the bread here. Many people believe that if pregnant women stay in Tihar Jail, they will have a son.

People commit crimes forcibly to come to Tihar

Sunil Gupta also told that around the year 2000, suddenly the number of pregnant women prisoners started increasing, who were giving birth to children after reaching the jail. The investigation revealed that due to the superstition of having a son, she was coming to jail without taking bail for minor offenses in which bail could be given from the police station itself.