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Karnataka / Mysore: Leopard attacked youth riding bike, narrowly saved his life

A leopard, which attacked three people by entering a residential area in Kanakanagar in Mysore district of Karnataka, has been caught on Friday. People were shocked to see the leopard on the residential roads. While attacking a dog in the street, he pounced on the bike rider passing by. When the bike rider fell down from the vehicle, the leopard attacked him and on hearing the voice of the people, he ran into the bushes. Later the leopard attacked two other people. After which the injured were taken to the local hospital.

On getting information about the incident, forest officials conducted an operation during which they managed to pacify the leopard and it was captured. The people of Kanaknagar breathed a sigh of relief after the leopard was caught. A video of the leopard attack has also surfaced in which it is seen that the leopard attacks a bike rider in the blink of an eye. After the incident, forest department employees also reached the spot. Who caught the leopard after hard work.