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Uttar Pradesh / Agra : Things got worse for not bringing sandals, the procession returned without the bride

You must have often heard that the groom who reached the bride’s door did not get the goods according to his wish, then he returned with the procession. However, a shocking case has come to light in Agra district of Uttar Pradesh, in which a bride got angry just because the groom did not bring sandals for her. According to media reports, this case is of Nagla village located in Kheragarh area of ​​Agra district, where the groom had to return with his procession. Before returning the procession, not only the Panchayat but the police also tried hard to solve the matter, but they too could not succeed in persuading the bride. The groom got humiliated and returned with the procession.

Bride got angry for not bringing sandals

On the day of Devotthan Ekadashi, a mass marriage was organized in Jodhapura Dhadki village. During this many couples got married, but one pair had to return home after being sad. Actually, the procession, which came from Mani town of Dholpur, was to be farewell after the marriage was over, but the bride refused to leave because the groom did not reach her with sandals. On this the people of the groom’s side called the police and asked them to intervene in the matter. The police tried to explain for a long time, but it did not work. Then the people of Gram Panchayat came and tried to solve the matter.

Refused to leave after marriage

The people of the bride’s side allege that the bridegroom had come under the influence of alcohol and was misbehaving. Many people also told that the groom had also got epilepsy. The next morning, a panchayat was also held between the people of the bride and the groom’s side, but nothing came out of it. Everyone got battered in front of the bride’s hut and in the end the groom had to go back home with family and relatives. The groom accused him of deliberately sabotaging the marriage. As of now, the police has not received any written complaint in this case. The groom had to return without marriage.