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Iranian ballistic missiles bought by Russia may need to be destroyed at their launch sites : Ukraine Air Force

Ukraine’s air force says that newly arrived western air defense systems will help deal with the new threat of Iranian ballistic missiles reportedly being purchased by Russia.

Yuriy Ihnat, Air Force spokesperson, told a briefing in Kyiv that Ukraine might target the Iranian missiles at their launch sites, which would probably be well inside Russia.

“They must somehow be destroyed, probably from where they are launched. Because we have no effective means of fighting ballistic [missiles], except for their physical destruction at the launch stage.”

Ihnat said the Iranian missiles have “a range of 300 and 700 kilometers, which in principle will not create anything new for Ukraine, because [Russian-made] Iskanders were used from the first day of the war.”

“I think both the top military leadership and our partners are working on this issue, looking for effective ways to counter these new threats,” Ihnat said.

He said that the Russians were unable to make progress on the battlefield and had resorted to attacking infrastructure supplying energy and water. “They want to hit energy facilities in the autumn-winter period first of all, because people’s lives largely depend on them. This air terrorism will continue by all available means.”

“It is clear that the missiles that will be received from Iran, if it is done, will be used at the energy infrastructure facilities, and [the Russians] will continue to strike with cruise missiles as well.”

 Iran is preparing to send about 1,000 additional weapons, including short range ballistic missiles and more attack drones, to Russia, citing officials from a western country that closely monitors Iran’s weapons program.