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Uttar Pradesh / Badaun: Elderly dies due to fear of monkeys, elderly man fell from roof at midnight due to fear

The old man, who had run away from the monkey attack, died after falling from the roof. The police have handed over the dead body of the deceased to the relatives after conducting a post-mortem. The deceased were residents of Amla of Bareilly. On an average, three people die every month in the district due to monkey pelts. Despite this, no concrete steps have been taken by the district administration to catch the monkeys.

The incident is from Mohalla Gopal Gauntia of Wazirganj Nagar. Ram Bahadur, 58 years old son Ramdayal, resident of Bhuripur village of Amla police station area of ​​Bareilly district, returned from a marriage ceremony on Saturday and stayed at the house of Sadhu Guddu alias Satyapal, resident of Mohalla Gopalpur Gauntia of Wazirganj. He went to the second floor to sleep. According to family members, when he woke up at around 11 pm, instead of coming downstairs, he went to the third floor. There was a herd of monkeys sitting on the terrace. Suddenly they were attacked by monkeys. Due to which he started running to save his life. Due to which he fell on the roof of another house from the roof. The family came to know about the incident after hearing the sound of the blast. The relatives took him to the CHC in an injured condition. From where he was referred to the district hospital in serious condition. Here the doctors declared him brought dead. On information, the relatives of the deceased elderly came here from Bareilly. On Sunday, the police conducted the post-mortem of the body.