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Such things are visible to people before death! The nurse, who saw many people dying, made shocking revelations

One who has taken birth in this world has to go back from this world one day. Death is such an eternal truth that cannot be denied. Despite this, everyone is afraid of death. However, there are many people who have come out of the mouth of death. They were claimed to be alive again shortly after death. Such people shared their experiences before death and after death. At the same time, shocking revelations were made about the death of a nurse. Actually, this nurse has seen many people dying in front of her eyes. The nurse told from her experience how people feel and what they see before death.

The nurse saw many people dying in front of their eyes

Please tell that the name of this nurse is Julie and she takes care of seriously ill patients in the hospital. This nurse has till now seen many people die in front of her eyes. While sharing her experience on Tiktok, Julie told how people feel when they come near death. His video has been viewed millions of times. Also many people told Julie’s experience right in the comment box.

These people start seeing people before death

Julie told on the basis of her experience that people start seeing their close relatives before death, which is no longer in this world. At the same time, the nurse said that they try to reduce the pain of the dead relative to the dying person. The nurse claims that she has taken care of many such patients who were seen by their dead relatives before death. The nurse says that a month or a few weeks before the death, the patient used to see his relatives. He would either talk to them or just stare at them. When such patients were asked what they were seeing, they would mention their relatives. Julie says that these dead relatives come to the dying relatives to ease the pain of death.

People made such comments

Commenting on the video shared by Julie on Tiktok, many people also shared their experiences. One commented and wrote that their loved ones also saw some similar things at the time of death. At the same time, another user wrote that when his grandfather was dying, he had said that his entire family is here. When he held his grandfather’s hand, he said that he was not talking about those people. Another user wrote that in the last days of his mother, he too had heard similar things from her mouth. However, no scientific basis for this has emerged.