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Uttar Pradesh / Banda : On the first birthday of the lambs, the rickshaw puller gave a big party to the whole neighborhood, got the cake cut, and also played DJ

You all must have attended many birthday parties. Cake will also be cut in the birthday and will also have danced with music. But if we ask you whether you have ever attended the birthday party of the goat children i.e. Lambs Birthday Celebration. Have you ever seen lambs cutting a cake, then probably your answer will be no. But one such unique birthday has been seen in Banda Goat News of UP. Here the birthday of two lambs of a goat was celebrated with pomp.

What is the whole matter?

The matter is of Kanshi Ram Colony of Banda city. A person named Raja who lives here has a goat. Who has two lambs. The king celebrated the birthdays of his goat’s two lambs with great pomp. In this birthday party, the people of the whole locality were also given a party. My goat gave birth to two lambs a year ago. The king told that I do not have any children. That’s why I take care of both the lambs like my own children. I take care of them. Raja told that he is a rickshaw driver. After coming home after driving a rickshaw for the whole day, he has a lot of fun with the goat kids. spend time with them. The king told that he also makes both the children sit in a rickshaw and move around.

On the unique birthday, people danced fiercely on the DJ

On the occasion of the lamb’s birthday, the king had invited the people of the entire locality to join the celebration. In the midst of chanting, the lambs were vaccinated. He was garlanded with flowers. The cake of both the lambs was cut properly. During this “Happy Birthday to you” was echoing. In this unique celebration, people danced fiercely to the tune of DJ. Children, old people, men and women all participated in this celebration.