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Truth and Reality

Even the creator is unable to muster up the courage to play, as soon as you die in this game, you will die in real life too…!

The gaming industry is constantly changing. Now a new report has surprised everyone. Palmer Luckey, the founder and designer of Oculus Rift, has given details about his latest Virtual Reality (VR) masterpiece. It has been told that if you die in the game, you will die in real life too.

NerveGear given name

This VR headset will be very powerful. He has informed in his blog post that regarding this headset, he informed that half the work has been done on it. He has named it NerveGear. It will be like a normal VR which can have up to three explosive charges. These charges will be fitted with photosensors. Due to this, as soon as the player dies in the game, he will also die in real life. These explosives will be activated when there is a red flash on the screen in a particular frequency. Game designers can design it according to the game.

Real feeling in virtual world

Palmer Luckey has informed in his blog post that the idea of ​​connecting real life with virtual avatar has always attracted him. You raise the stakes to the maximum level and make people think about how they interact with the virtual world and the players in it. He further explains that improving the graphics can make the game look more real. But, the threat of dire consequences is what makes the game feel real to you and everyone else in the game. This is an area that has never been explored in the long history of gaming.

He has said that even he has not got the courage to use it yet. He further told that this is not a perfect system. They also have a plan regarding the anti-tamper mechanism. They want to make it so that it is impossible to remove or destroy the VR headset.

He said that this VR headset is just a piece of art but, it is the first VR device which has the ability to kill people apart from fiction. He claims that this will not be the last. Many people are raising questions about this VR. People say that the government should think about banning such dangerous VR.