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Uttar Pradesh / Muzaffarnagar : Three kg gold recovered, four arrested including shopkeeper, gold was brought from Saudi!

City Kotwali Police has arrested three accused with 3.150 kg of gold, worth Rs 15 crore, brought from Saudi Arabia in the form of powder and biscuits. Along with this, the shopkeeper who smelt gold has been arrested. After registering a case of recovery of suspicious property, the accused were released on bail after giving a warning. Information was given to Customs, GST, Income Tax Department. The recovered gold has been deposited in the Treasury. City Kotwali police arrested a shopkeeper and three other youths engaged in smelting of gold after raiding the bullion market on the basis of an information late on Tuesday evening. Police recovered 3.150 kg gold biscuits and churna (powder) from them. CO City Ayush Vikram Singh took information. During the interrogation, the accused could not give the correct answer regarding gold biscuits and powder. The accused told that the gold should be brought here for smelting, saying that the gold belonged to someone else. The police took the gold in custody considering it as suspicious property. Also, a case was registered against all the accused for having suspicious assets. Late night, the GST team reached the city Kotwali and took information from the accused and returned without action.

Released on bail

CO City Ayush Vikram Singh said that the section in which the case was registered was bailable. Due to this, all were released on bail. They have been warned that whenever the police call them they will have to come and no one will go out. Because Income Tax, GST, Custom Department officials have been informed. These teams can come and take action.

It was recovered

2800 grams of gold biscuits and powder were recovered from Shahzeb, 350 grams of gold biscuits were recovered from Abu Sahma but nothing was recovered from the arrested Zaki and Fakhruddin. No offense was proved in this. The gold is said to have been stolen from Saudi Arabia in the form of powder. A case of suspicious property has been registered for not disclosing the owner. Customs, Income Tax and GST officers have been informed. The gold has been deposited in the Treasury. The cost of gold is around 1.5 crores. – Ayush Vikram Singh, CO City.

Arrested this

  • Shahzeb’s son Arshad, a resident of southern Khalapar of Muzaffarnagar
  • Jaswatpuri raw road resident Zaki son Gayur
  • Abu Sahma son Mustakim, resident of Bajhedi
  • Fakhruddin son Anwar, resident of Roorkee, a shopkeeper who works in gold melting