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Truth and Reality

Uttarakhand / Dehradun : The driver and operator got into thinking, RTO sitting in the city bus became a ride, the truth of the journey came to the fore

RTO (Enforcement) Shailesh Tiwari himself boarded the city bus as a passenger on complaints of charging arbitrary fares in the city buses running in the city, not giving seats to women passengers and not making arrangements for their safety, driver and operator not in uniform. . He also got the ticket cut. When the driver and the operator came to know about the RTO, their hands and feet swelled. During this, men were sitting on the reserved women’s seat in the bus, while the female passengers were standing. The driver and conductor were not even in uniform and tickets were not even being given in the bus. On this, the RTO challaned the bus and also warned the driver-operator. Public transport services were never taken care of in the city. In Vikrams, passengers are seen hanging on the doors in city buses. They have no fear of rules and regulations. Talking about autos, despite the meter system, there are no meters installed in the autos, nor do the drivers walk on the fixed fare per kilometer. Prepaid auto facility was definitely started from ISBT and railway station, but at the same time it became a rage. RTO (Enforcement) Shailesh Tiwari reached Rajpur Road on Monday to check the condition of public transport service. Some distance before NIVH, after getting down from the government vehicle, the RTO reached the bus stop on the other side of the road on foot.

He boarded the city bus (UK08-PA- 0323) coming from Rajpur side of Rajpur-Clementtown route as a passenger. Since RTO Tiwari was posted here only a few days back, most of the drivers and operators do not recognize him. All the seats in the bus were full and some passengers were standing. The drivers were not in uniform.

The RTO paid the fare to the operator till the parade ground, but the operator did not give the ticket. During this, the RTO inspected the entire bus from front to back and informed the passengers. Not only this, men were sitting on the women’s reserved seat, while two women passengers were seen standing. After getting the information in the inspection, when the RTO introduced himself, the senses of the driver-operator were blown away. In a hurry, the operator started giving tickets to the passengers. RTO Tiwari challaned the bus on reaching the parade ground. He also checked some buses on Rajpur, Raipur and Dharampur routes there and warned.

75 year old standing by himself

Seeing the men sitting on the women’s reserved seat, the mercury of the RTO went up. He not only taught the rules to the men sitting on the seat, but also warned the operator to reserve the women’s seat.

Meanwhile, a 75-year-old man sitting on the second seat stood up from the seat and gave a seat to a woman. RTO vacated the women reserved seats. The RTO said that in all buses up to 25 seats, six are reserved for women, while from 26 to 35 seats, ten seats are reserved in the bus.

Uniform No Speed ​​Governor

It is mandatory for the drivers and operators in city buses, Vikram and autos to wear uniform with name plates. But the transport department is silent. Twelve years ago, the decision to install speed governors to control the speed in city buses was not implemented.

Data of public transport in the city

  • City Bus-319
  • Vikram-794
  • auto-3500

Status of public transport services

  • Buses run with two and a half times more passengers than the capacity.
  • The occupancy of the reserved seats for women and disabled.
  • In addition to the driver-operator, two-two-man rides live in the form of a helper.
  • Helpers molest girls by whistling at intersections and roads.
  • Despite the ban, the loud music system plays in the bus.
  • The driver-operator does not wear uniform, nor is the ticket given in the bus.

Common people stricken by the swarm of Vikrams

  • The pastime of Vikrams is to walk in a herd on the streets.
  • Despite having a contract permit, he was running in the stage carriage indiscriminately.
  • The music system and pressure come out playing the horn in a loud voice.
  • On the permit of six passengers, nine riders sit in Vikram.
  • Despite being overloaded, Vikram runs at an uncontrollable speed on the roads.
  • Auto drivers charge arbitrary fare.
  • Prepaid system is not followed at ISBT and railway station.
  • Multiple cases of molestation by the driver with the lone female passenger.