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Uttarakhand Horticulture Department’s Additional Director suspended, Minister Ganesh Joshi ordered

Taking a big action, the Departmental Minister of Uttarakhand Horticulture Department, Ganesh Joshi has instructed to suspend the Additional Director. This action has been taken against the Additional Director of Horticulture Department, RK Singh for being negligent in the works in the department. In Uttarakhand, cases of negligence of officials regarding various projects keep coming to the fore, but this time an officer of the Horticulture Department got out of control. RK Singh, Additional Director of the Horticulture Department, has been ordered to be suspended by Cabinet Minister Ganesh Joshi for not listening to the officers and negligent in their work.

Even during the meeting in the Secretariat, it is being said that all the complaints against Additional Director RK Singh will come to the fore. After which Horticulture Minister Ganesh Joshi has ordered to suspend RK Singh. Let us tell you that RK Singh has already been in controversies regarding negligence in work, there have been discussions in the department regarding his complaints in the past. Therefore, now the Additional Director has been suspended after the instructions of the Horticulture Minister on this matter.