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Madhya Pradesh / Indore : Wife mixed with food and gave medicine to get rid of alcohol, drunken husband put wife’s head in boiling oil

The woman wanted her husband to get rid of his alcohol addiction. For this, she used to give him medicines. But when the husband came to know about the medicine being given secretly, then he became a devil. He put his wife’s head in a pan filled with boiling oil. This incident has shocked the people here. The incident is from Indore, Madhya Pradesh. A man living in Thana Juni Indore tried to kill his wife. The only fault of the wife was that her husband was addicted to drinking alcohol and the wife used to give him Ayurvedic medicine mixed in the food. The husband was suspicious of mixing ayurvedic medicine in the food for many days. Late on Wednesday night, when the wife was cooking food at home, she put the wife’s head in the boiling oil. Due to which the face of the wife was badly burnt. The accused husband has been arrested after getting information to the police.

Police station in-charge Yogesh Tomar said that late on Wednesday night, a young man named Sudama Hirve, working in a multi located at Tower Square, attacked his wife with a deadly attack. The wife’s mistake was so much that she was mixing Ayurvedic medicine in the food. Here the accused’s wife Rajni Hirve told in her statement that her friend told that if she wants to get rid of alcohol then there is an Ayurvedic medicine. She mixes her husband with food every day, on which the woman agrees.

According to the woman, whenever her husband used to get drunk every day, she used to mix that medicine in his food. As soon as Sudama came home late on Wednesday night, at that time Rajini was frying pakodas in the house. The same Sudama was so angry that he put Rajni’s head in the boiling oil, due to which Rajni’s face was badly scorched. A case has been registered under IPC 306 and other sections.