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Rajasthan / Tonk: Taliban’s decree on ‘love’! Vandalism with the lover…the nose tainted with hot tongs after drinking urine

In the Lambahrisingh police station area of ​​Tonk district of Rajasthan, a case has come to light for allegedly taking a young man hostage, thrashing him badly, wearing a garland of shoes and indecently with his sister. According to the information received, after the allegations of a young man keeping the girl as his wife against social customs, the Panch-Patels of the society ordered the youth to be punished. After the orders of the Panches, it is alleged that after this the girl’s side brutally assaulted the young man and his sister and garlanded them with shoes and slippers. At the same time, after the beating, the youth was also given urine. At the same time, the youth alleges that his nose was also fired with hot tongs. Let us inform that the incident is of October 7 (Friday), after which a case has been registered on behalf of the victim against 8 accused on Wednesday, out of which three have been arrested by the police.

SHO Bhagirath Singh says that on Wednesday, on behalf of the victim youth Kalu, a case was registered in this regard against the accused Navratan, his wife, son Shankar, daughter Savitri and others under sections 143, 342, 354 and 500 of the Indian Penal Code. The accused Navratan’s son Shankar, son-in-law Paras and Paras’ brother Hemraj have been arrested in this regard.

Beaten with a garland of shoes

Regarding the incident, Malpura SP Rakesh Kumar Bairwa informed that about 10-12 days ago, along with the son of Mojaram Mogya, the unmarried girl of Rindlya elderly resident of Malpura police station area, Norati Lal, had gone to live as a wife, after which some Till the day both stayed at Kekdi in Ajmer.

At the same time, after 5-6 days, the girl’s family took her away from there. At the same time, on Monday, a meeting of the Panches of the society was held in front of the Bhoplav temple, where the youth Kalu Mogya (28 years) was also called.

It was told that Kalu went to the meeting with his sister Meera Mogya (26 years) where the people of the society garlanded the unmarried girl with shoes against the custom and during this time the girl’s father and other relatives present on the spot. In anger, Kalu and his sister Meera were taken hostage. At the same time, it is alleged that the younger sister’s sister was also molested.

Vandalism made full video

At the same time, the victim Kalu has told in his complaint that after beating him, he was made to drink urine and the nose was also fired with hot tongs. At the same time, both brothers and sisters were injured in the fight, after which both were threatened not to file a case by taking them to Malpura court and a demand of Rs 5 lakh was made.

The young man told that the Panchs had imposed a penalty of 93 thousand for taking the girl and after that Panch Patel went to his house. At the same time, after the departure of the Panches, the people of the girl’s side forcibly took both of us brothers and sisters to the forest and there we were vandalized throughout the night and a full video of it was also made.