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6 crore rupees had come to the bank by mistake, the young man spent, got this punishment… you should not make this mistake

Many times it happens that we transfer our money from another account by mistake, but what happens when crores of rupees are transferred to the account of some unknown person and I blow the money from him, something similar happened with a couple. Bought a new house, was paying for the house and due to entering wrong bank details, the money was transferred to someone else’s account, the name of the person in whose account this money went was A Hai Abdel Ghadiya.

This 24-year-old man lives in Sydney, Australia and is a rapper by profession, he told the police that when he woke up, he saw crores of rupees in the account, after that bought gold worth about 5 crores from different places for ₹ 90000 He did his shopping, took out the remaining money from the ATM, bought expensive clothes, make-up items, when it was revealed that he went to jail. On November 2, Abdel was presented in a Sydney court where his sentence would be announced in December after he was convicted in a bank fraud case. After reading the matter, it seems that the Australians also do the same in our country, many such incidents happen in our country, people also spend small amounts, in such a situation, today we tell you that if money will be transferred to the wrong account, the unknown in front If a person spends that money, then what is the law in India regarding this.

What should be done?

First of all, inform the bank about this, the money has been transferred from your bank account by mistake, tell the details about both, after the bank also informed the police about this, remember whatever money has been transferred to your account. Maybe it is someone’s illegal fund or money to be sent for any anti-national activity, in such a situation you can also get suspicious, so it is necessary to inform the police about this.

Why and when is section 406 of IPC invoked?

What can happen to you if you accidentally spend the money in your account? Can file a case against you whose money you have spent, can file a case of recovery against you under section 34-36 of the Civil Procedure Code, in such a situation, banks and courts also help him if any person It is the property of any type of money, if you get rights for a short time, misuse it, spend its money or get your name fraudulently, then action is taken on it under section 406 of IPC.