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Number of dengue patients in Uttarakhand crosses 2000, maximum cases in Dehradun

Dengue cases are not coming down. Dengue has been confirmed in 18 people in the state on Wednesday also. Maximum eight cases have come in Dehradun. Apart from this, there have been four cases in Udham Singh Nagar and three each in Haridwar and Nainital. Let us inform that so far 2101 cases of dengue have come in the state. Maximum 1359 cases have come in Dehradun district.

Sample for 40 fever victims in Manakpur, one has dengue

Dialogue Associate, Roorkee: There is still an outbreak of fever in Manakpur. On Wednesday, the Health Department team took blood samples of fever victims. However, out of 40 samples, the report of only one has come positive. At the same time, dengue has been confirmed in three patients in Roorkee.

Due to the outbreak of fever in Manakpur Adampur village of Jhabreda area, the health department had set up a camp in the village during Diwali. Dengue was confirmed in 25 villagers in the samples taken during the camp. District Malaria Officer Dr. Gurnam Singh said that samples of 40 villagers were taken in the camp. Dengue has come in a rapid test in a villager. At the same time, dengue has been confirmed in three patients in Solanipuram, Civil Lines and Sunhra of Roorkee. All three were tested for ELISA.

No new case of corona in ten districts

Five new cases of corona have come in the state. Three people have been found infected in Haridwar and one each in Dehradun and Nainital. No new case of corona has been found in ten districts. Here, five patients have also recovered.

At the same time, the corona infection rate was 1.07 percent. Let me tell you, there are 50 active cases of corona in the state right now. Dehradun and Haridwar have maximum 12-12 active cases.