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Scientists found 3800 year old inscription written on comb, 7 words written in 17 letters

Even today, centuries old things are found all over the world. Which is nothing less than a mystery. Scientists have found one such thing again. Which is a comb to remove lice from the hair. Some such words have been engraved on this comb which gives evidence that in ancient times humans must have used pictures to talk or to give any information to someone. Scientists are considering the words engraved on this comb as the ‘world’s oldest written sentence’. After which they have come to know about how old the process of communicating by writing will be.

According to a report in The Guardian website, scientists have found a lice-cleaning comb in Lachish, Israel, on which the world’s oldest written sentence has been engraved (written). Scientists claim that this comb is about 3800 years old. According to this, this comb is from 1700 BC i.e. 1700 years before AD. The script written on the comb is in Canaanite language. Which is considered a language spoken in ancient times. Let us tell you that Lachish was the second most important city of the Kingdom of Judah in ancient times, which is now known as Israel.

This comb was found five years ago

Let us tell you that this lice comb is made of ivory, on which it is written in Canaanite language, “Hope this ivory comb will remove the yoke from the hair and beard.” Let us tell you that more information about the comb found in the excavation has been written in the Jerusalem Journal of Archeology. Let us tell you that this comb was discovered five years ago i.e. in the year 2017 itself, but the shape engraved on this comb was so light that it could be read only after processing at the beginning of this year and then Going to know what is written on this comb.

7 words written in 17 letters

Let us tell you that the sentence which is written in this comb means that there are a total of 17 Canaanite letters, which have been used for a total of 7 words. This 3800-year-old comb is 3.5 cm in width and 2.5 cm in length. According to experts, looking at the material of this comb, it seems that it must have been a very important item in the olden times. Microscopic examination revealed that some remains of lice have been found on the comb, which shows that the problem of lice must have been there even in the upper class society of that period. At the same time, according to the Sky News website, so far 10 things written in cannaite have been found from Lachish, but this is the first time that a complete sentence has been written in this script.