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‘There is evidence in ancient Sumerian books’! ‘Humans are aliens, centuries ago they came from a small ship to the earth…?

Many types of claims keep coming to the fore regarding aliens. However, so far humans have not had a direct meeting with aliens. Although experts have been talking about the existence of aliens. One of the few people to have stepped on the Moon claimed that humans were actually “ancient aliens”. A NASA Astronaut has claimed that we humans living on Earth are also aliens. Who had reached the earth by sitting on a small ship.

‘Humans have come to earth in small ships’

According to the Daily Star report, this claim has been made by L. Warden, an astronaut who was involved in NASA’s Apollo-15 mission. Shortly before he died in 2020, in an interview with ITV’s Good Morning Britain show, L Warden said that we came to Earth in “small ships from somewhere else”. L Warden, one of the few people who walked on the moon, said that, we are aliens, but we think that they are someone else.

‘There is evidence in ancient Sumerian books’

We are one of those who came from somewhere else, because someone else had to survive, he said. They got into small spaceships, then they came and landed here, and they started civilization here. If you don’t believe me, look and read ancient Sumerian books. In which there are many things related to it. They will tell you many things about aliens.

Anna Whitty backs El Vardon’s claims

L Warden made these claims 2 years ago. After him, these claims were made by UFO expert Anna Whitty in the UFO documentary Roswell 75: The Final Evidence. He had once again fueled the debate that humans were not always on this earth and they also came here from somewhere else. That said, I think he’s always been here. Because there is a lot of evidence on the planet that every few thousand years ago there was a major catastrophe.

El Warden was one of the few people who stepped on the moon

In 1971, L. Varden, David Scott and James Irwin went to the moon in Apollo 15, the fourth manned mission of the United States. He spent 12 days in space, but only 39 minutes and seven seconds on the Moon.