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Madhya Pradesh / Jabalpur : On the pretext of increasing the amount 8 times, the hypocrite Baba trapped Manohar, fled with 10 lakhs

In the greed of doing one to four, a man from Jabalpur lost his ten lakh rupees. The victim was given the pretext of converting the amount of 10 lakhs into 80 lakhs by performing Tantra Puja by a hypocrite Baba. This case of cheating has been registered in Sanjeevani Nagar police station. According to Jabalpur Police, the complaint of fraud committed by the victim Manohar Singh Thakur (age 54 years) resident Gautam Madhiya has been given to the police station. After investigating the matter, the police registered a case against the fraudster Dhongi Baba and started searching for him.

What was said in the complaint

According to the information received from the police, it was told by the victim that he had to repay the bank loan of about 40 lakh rupees. To repay the loan, he took the advance amount from a person by making a deal of his land. His nephew Hira Thakur was aware of this. He made him meet Krishna Kumar Tiwari on 7 June 2022. During the meeting, Krishna Kumar, describing himself as a resident of Naini Allahabad, said that he has such an invisible power that he makes 2 lakhs to 10 lakhs. After that, the alleged Baba reached the victim’s house on June 16, showing enchantment at 1 o’clock in the night, counting the bundles of notes of 40 lakh rupees and locked them in a box.

Absconding with money

According to the complainant, the victim had given him Rs 10 lakh till August 28 after coming under the guise of Dhongi Baba. He talked about making these rupees 80 lakhs and on September 13, the fraudster absconded after talking about counting the notes. The victim told that Dhongi Baba had stayed in two different lodges near the medical college. He had submitted different IDs at both the places. In one of the IDs, his address is written as Ranjhi Madhai. By registering a case in Sanjeevani Nagar police station, the police have started searching for the accused thug.