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Research on 232 species revealed, divorce is happening in birds, birds are looking for new partners leaving the old

In the case of divorce, not only humans are increasing, birds are also struggling with them. The new research done on them is telling a new story of their separation. Research says, cases of separation are not less in long distance birds. Birds are reaching from one place to another by covering a distance of thousands of kilometers and on return there is separation from the partner. The reason for this is the human being. This claim has been made in the research done on 232 species of birds in China. Researchers from China’s Sun Yat Sen University, who conducted research, claim that the rate of break and divorce is much higher in birds traveling long distances. These are such birds that go from one place to another twice a year for food and breeding. Know, what are the circumstances which are causing separation in birds…

Who is responsible for the divorce?

The way humans find new partners after separation, the same is happening in birds. Researchers say, research has revealed that birds are looking for new partners leaving their old partners. The reason for this is humans.

Research says, forests are being cut. Due to humans, the level of carbon-dioxide is increasing worldwide. New cities are being settled. This is affecting the life of birds. There is a change in their breeding and eating place. Generally, 90 percent of the population of birds have been spending their life with one partner, but new research says that now they are leaving the old partner and moving forward with the new one.

Mental pressure increases during travel

The report of New Scientist says, due to human activities, the effect of climate change and global warming is visible. These two are also the reason for change in birds. Jisela Kaplan, an ornithologist at the University of New England in Armidale, Australia, says that when birds travel long distances, they face different types of environment and climate. It has an effect on the mental condition of the birds. He struggles with mental pressure. Sometimes their health would also be affected. In such a situation, it becomes difficult for them to return to the partner. Many cases also come to the fore when birds refuse to eat food and do breeding. In such a situation, her partner leaves her.

Along with pollution, climate change and global warming, seasonal disasters, storms and bad weather can also be the major reason for increasing divorces in birds. Due to these, many types of changes are visible in the birds. Their ability to fly, fertility and mental state are being affected. Apart from this, many times when birds reach other countries, the winter season starts late there, then it also affects them.