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Monica O My Darling Review: Rajkummar Rao’s ‘Monica O My Darling’ is full of tremendous suspense and thrill

Rajkumar Rao’s film ‘Monica O My Darling’ has been released in 5 languages ​​on the OTT platform Netflix this Friday. This film full of tremendous suspense and thrill will take you to the same era of 70-80 with its excellent music which is a nostalgia for many today. Starting with a murder mystery, this movie will keep you hooked to the couch till the end.

The story of ‘Monica O My Darling’ begins with a murder. Right from the beginning you will know who has committed the murder. After this the story comes after 6 months. Jayanth (Rajkummar Rao) comes on screen who has just become the new shareholder of a company. This grace is showered on him because Nikki (Akanksha Ranjan Kapoor), the daughter of the owner of the same company, is his girlfriend. Jayant’s life takes a turn when Monica (Huma Qureshi), who works in the organization, becomes pregnant and unfortunately Rajkummar Rao is the father of the child. Now Monica starts blackmailing him about this. After which the series of murder starts.

Ramkumar Rao has no match in acting, provided he gets a chance to show his talent. So this time he got full opportunities so the film also shone with the excellent performance of Rajkumar. Huma Qureshi, who proved herself with the web series ‘Maharani’, has also done a good job. Akanksha Ranjan Kapoor definitely surprised, her acting was also good in the film.

Sikandar Kher also caught the attention of the audience in the character of the company owner’s son. The one who is talked about the most is Sunkat Goyal in the character of Gaurav More. Whenever he has appeared in the story, he has done wonders with his screen presence. Radhika Apte has a strong entry in the second part of the film. In ‘Monica O My Darling’ he got the role of ACP Naidu with which he did full justice.

Each character has been given full space in ‘Monica O My Darling’. Many scenes will give you goosebumps and some scenes are such where you cannot control your laughter. In the film, you will not be able to understand at once who is good or who is bad? You can call it the talent of director Vasan Bala that he has made such a murder mystery in which it is known from the beginning who the murderer is, yet you will watch it till the end and the same thrill will remain intact.

The repeated appearances of the song ‘Monica O My Darling’ from the 1971 superhit film ‘Caravan’ adds to the pace of the film, taking you back to the retro era of the Hindi film industry. Apart from this, the other songs of the film are amazing. Anchit Kaur’s song, ‘Yeh ek zindagi kafi nahi hai’ as well as ‘Love you so much I wanna kill you’ are great.

Monica o my darling

Cast: Huma Qureshi, Rajkummar Rao, Radhika Apte, Bhagavathy Perumal, Akanksha Ranjan Kapoor, Sukant Goyal, Zain Mary Khan and Sikandar Kher

Author: Yogesh Chandekar

Director: Vasan Bala

Producer: Sanjay Routray and Sarita Patil

OTT: Netflix

Rating: 3.5/5