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Uttar Pradesh / Kanpur : Friend filled such a place with air pressure pipe, intestines burst, friend gave painful death to friend as a joke!

On Friday, a colleague of an employee working in a factory located in Raniya of Kanpur Dehat jokingly filled air in his private part with an air pressure pipe. When the condition worsened, the relatives admitted him to a private hospital in Kakadev where he died during treatment late at night. Relatives accused fellow employee of murder Late evening postmortem confirmed death due to internal bleeding. 47-year-old Dayashankar Dubey, a resident of Awas Vikas Hansapuram of Naubasta, was working in a factory located in Raniya of Kanpur Dehat for the last 15 years. He is survived by wife Neelam and two sons Deepak and Harshit. Relatives allege that on Friday, Dayashankar’s partner jokingly filled his private parts with an air pressure pipe used to clean dust in the factory, which worsened his condition.

After getting information about this, the relatives reached the spot and brought him to a private hospital in Kakadev, where late night Dayashankar was declared dead by the doctors. The relative lodged a complaint at the Raniya police station accusing a fellow employee working in the factory of murder. The post-mortem report late on Friday confirmed death due to internal bleeding. It is being told that due to the high pressure of the air, the intestines burst and he died. Raniya police station in-charge Atul Gautam told that the relatives have given Tahrir, the matter is being investigated by taking the accused employee into custody.

Relatives say that a joke of a fellow employee took Dayashankar’s life. He was the sole breadwinner of the family, which has two sons, 14-year-old Deepak and 12-year-old Harshit. In such a situation, how will the family survive? Even the father’s shadow was snatched from the heads of the children.