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Bhagwant Mann Sarkar has become strict regarding gun culture in Punjab, all guns will be reviewed – Ban in Punjabi songs too

The Bhagwant Mann government of Punjab has shown strictness regarding gun culture. The government has taken big decisions regarding weapons. The Punjab government has issued a guideline for this. There are reports of bullets being fired in the state every day, the government has shown strictness regarding this. It has been said in the issued guidelines that public display of weapons will be strictly prohibited.

Along with this, arms license will also not be available so easily. Many rules have been made regarding this too. The situation of strictness is that in the coming days, random checking will be done in different areas. The biggest thing is that glorification of weapons has been stopped in Punjabi songs. Drugs and weapons will not be a part of the song from now on.

Read the new guideline of the Punjab government here-

  • All arms licenses issued so far will be completely reviewed within the next 3 months. No new arms license shall be granted unless the DC is personally satisfied that there exist exceptional grounds for doing so.
  • Public display of weapons (including display on social media) is strictly prohibited.
  • In the coming days, random checking will be done in different areas.
  • Songs glorifying weapons or violence are strictly prohibited.
  • FIR will be registered and strict action will be taken against those who speak indecent language against any community.
  • Hasty or negligent use of arms or celebratory firing so as to endanger human life or personal safety of others shall be a punishable offense as an FIR shall be lodged against the violator.