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Madhya Pradesh / Ujjain : Miracle or Coincidence? The father had reached the temple for the vow of the son missing for 5 months, when he saw the son was standing in front

For years, people have been hearing a saying that in Kumbh, the separated sometimes get together. This miraculous story is also related to Ujjain, the city of Mahakal, the place of Kumbh. Of course, Kumbh is not going on here and there is no case of separation from here, but by the grace of Mahakal, a father definitely got his lost son here. This story looks like a movie, but it is real.

Someone said to apply for a son in Mahakal

This story is of Shri Krishna Kumar, a resident of Kasganj, Uttar Pradesh. According to him, about 5 months ago his mentally weak son suddenly went missing. The father searched him everywhere, lodged a missing report with the police, but he could not be found. The father had almost given up hope that sometime the son would be found. According to Shri Krishna, disappointed from everywhere, he was left only with God. Then someone told him that go to the Mahakal temple in Ujjain and ask for a vow, maybe the son will be found.

The son was found in the Mahakal campus itself

Shri Krishna came to Ujjain 800 km away and sought a vow from Mahakal for his son. Then a miracle happened. He found his lost son sitting in an ashram near the temple premises. Seeing this, Shri Krishna did not believe at first. Then he hugged his son and started crying bitterly. He said that it is indeed a miracle of Mahakal that with the expectation that he had come here, it was fulfilled as soon as he stepped into the temple. Shri Krishna told the media that he is a resident of Ramsinghpura Soro in Kasganj district of Uttar Pradesh. Mentally weak Pankaj is 17 years old among five brothers and one sister. Shri Krishna works as a laborer. Despite this, he left no stone unturned on the treatment of his son. According to Shri Krishna Kumar, Pankaj was sleeping on the terrace. But the next morning he was missing. To find him, he went round all the cities including Aligarh, Bareilly and Delhi. But he was found, then in the court of Mahakal.

Call it a coincidence or a miracle

Pawan Samadhiya, an acquaintance of Shri Krishna Kumar, was coming to see Mahakal. When Shri Krishna asked him to pray for his son as well, Pawan agreed to accompany him. Pawan often comes to visit Mahakal. In Ujjain itself, there is Sevadham Ashram in a nearby village, where the destitute are given shelter. Pawan and Shri Krishna Kumar came to Ujjain and saw the first Mahakal. Then suddenly Pawan thought that when he has come so far, why not go to the ashram too? This ashram is just 14 km away from the city, which is run by Sudhir Bhai Goel. After reaching the ashram, Shri Krishna Kumar also showed Sudhir Bhai the photo of his missing son. Sudhir Bhai was shocked to see this. He told that his son has been living in this ashram for the last three months.

In fact, Pankaj was found lying in a pitiable condition on 29 July 2022 on the Chal Road of Heera Mile in Ujjain. The information about Child Line was given to Dewas Gate Police. The police had presented the child in Child Welfare Committee Ujjain. From there he was sent to Sri Ramakrishna Balgriha run by Sevadham Ashram.